FOKUZ Lighting Limited

As a full-service strategic company, FOKUZ is well supported by partnerships of British and German development houses and consultant firms for advance technologies and designs in lighting and electronic fields. Our facility is well equipped with manufacturing equipment with a full team of in-house mechanical and electronic engineers and sourcing for quick turnaround lead times on unique projects.

In the past 15 years, our solid experience in handling different types of OEM and ODM projects with the mother company has contributed to the concrete foundation of expertise in program management and strategic marketing of professional remote controlled spotlights and innovative electronic devices for high end commercial venues. We pledge to provide the best quality and functionality at an affordable market price.

Continuous upgrade of physical facilities and open managerial culture allow our teammates to become specialized crews who always serve clients efficiently in aspects of R&D, marketing, manufacturing & logistics and speedy after-sales services. Our strict quality control and sustainable creative development have kept contributing values to both clients and our long term strategic partnerships.

FOKUZ Luminaries

FOKUZ luminaries were developed by a group of engineers who specialized in design and manufacture of remote controlled luminaries. We feel that we can add value to normal spotlights which allow users to have total control without the need to make physical contact. Minimal time and less assistive tools are required in setting and relocating fixtures for the exact lighting effect. With our series of remote controlled lightings, cost savings will be a bundled result with better performance and control.

Our technology of applying infrared (IR) in lighting control and management system was developed so that each light has its own unique ID number which can be recalled with a simple push of a button on our user friendly controller. Wider development of control methods of Wi-Fi, DMX and DALI further enhance our flexibility on various projects requirements and sustainable applications.

Every single opportunity and comment is cherished to capture different market segments. Diversified business co-operations with strategic partners in various fields have enriching our experiences and individual market penetration like medical lighting, art-relate lighting, museums, residential and recreational areas.

Non-stop improvement and upgrading on products are our main principles aiming at bringing clients, partners and teammates into next breakthrough. FOKUZ continues to develop new products and control system to enhance every environment that
requires spotlights.

Why do you choose FOKUZ?


  • User-friendly – do not require precise aiming for activation before usage.
    No hand shaking!
  • Easy installation – bring you efficiency!
  • Patent and Trademark protected
  • Wide control options – IR hand-held controller, DMX, DALI, Wi-Fi (iOS and Android)
  • ID & Mapping system – each fixture is named with unique ID number. With easy reference of correspond fixtures layout map, it can locates particular fixture without identifying its ID by eyes.
  • Functionality – all fixtures can be on/off at the same time as long as they are within the reach of IR signal
  • Upgraded mechanical design – minimum light loss and better movement mechanism
  • Modular COB light source for easy maintenance


  • Competitive pricing – own manufacturing provides the most economical spotlights with best quality

Professionals in one-stop servicing

  • Rich experienced project management team
  • Full team of engineers for customized project requirements
  • Quick turnaround project lead time
  • Minimum 2 years warranty
  • After-sales services are fully supported

International standardized manufacturing

  • In-house ISO approved manufacturing facility – secured by international
    standardized production
  • Extensive production experience in remote controlled spotlights – more than 14 years
  • CE and CCC approved – supplies international recognized products